15 Best Usborne Books for Toddlers (New PaperPie Books Kids will Love)

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Check out some of our favorite books and the best Usborne books for toddlers! Now called PaperPie, these are the perfect books for kids of all ages!

Want to build your home library with some of our favorite Usborne Books? While now the new name is PaperPie, these are wonderful books for children of all ages, but especially toddlers.

We have had these children’s books from this amazing company ever since my first was a baby.

From educational books to classic fairytales, interactive series, sticker books, activities books, busy books, and more, you cannot go wrong with any of them!

Here are some of the best Usborne Books for toddlers that we have loved! These PaperPie books are great for young children and such a great way to help your kiddos learn to love reading.  

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The Best Usborne Books for Toddlers (PaperPie)

Discover the top Usborne Books that will leave your toddler engaged and eager to explore more. These carefully selected titles combine engaging stories, beautiful illustrations, and interactive elements to make reading an unforgettable experience for your little one.

That’s Not My . . . Series

With touchy-feely textures, this interactive board book introduces toddlers to different textures and helps develop sensory skills.

That's not my bee book

That’s Not My books were our toddlers absolute favorite, and still are even though they are older toddlers!

There are hundreds of fun titles to choose from!

Baby’s Very First Slide and See Series

A delightful interactive book featuring sliding panels that reveal hidden surprises, allowing toddlers to discover what’s hiding on the farm.

Slide and See Nighttime book

My toddlers love using these Slide and See books, especially on road trips or when they are calming down before going to bed. They love that they can figure them out themselves, even with their tiny hands!

Calming Music Book

A musical book that plays soothing tunes as toddlers follow the adorable illustrations of sleepy animals getting ready for bed is another one of our favorite books.

Calming music book

It is a fun way to help your little ones go to sleep. The songs are calming and perfect! Your young babies might even like the music for tummy time!

Busy Books

This interactive board book features moving parts and simple text, engaging toddlers as they discover what’s happening on the busy roads.

busy car book

While there is a little cute story that goes along with the book, most kids are interested in the wind up cars that fit inside the pages.

Quiet time is the perfect time for this cute book! It will keep your toddler calm for hours at a time, like it did mine.

Don’t Tickle The . . .

Don’t Tickle The . . . books are so much fun for toddlers. It has touchy feely patches and bright pictures that your toddler’s little hands will love.

don't tickle the dinosaur

Plus, they even make some noise too!

Lift-the-Flap Series

Most of the lift-the-flap books are educational and answer common questions about animals, satisfying your toddler’s curiosity.

lift the flap playbook

Your child’s little fingers are perfect for lifting the flap and will help keep them engaged during these non-fiction books.

We have one about stars and another about learning to be kind. They are wonderful books! I can’t wait to get more to add to our homeschooling years too since the lift the flap books are just perfect for preschoolers.

All Better

All Better is one of the first books we got and the best Usborne Book for toddlers in my opinion.

all better book

It goes through each animal getting hurt, and how to take care of it, with reusable bandages!

There are so many other books now with reusable stickers that your toddler can play with all over again. Another great book for quiet time. I think we have all of them because they are that amazing for little ones!

Water Wonders Books

My older daughter loves to be creative, so we have almost all the Water Wonders books. They are better than coloring books, in my opinion!

water wonders with unicorn  book

All you need is a little bit of water and your kids can finger paint or use a paintbrush to make the book come alive.

The best part is that it dries off so your toddlers can do it again and again!

They also have Magic Painting Books as well that are just paper versions, but I think the Water Wonders are much better for toddlers.

Shine a Light Books

A great gift for older toddlers are the Shine the Light Books! The shine the light series are more educational books that are so fun for kids!

shine the light at the hospital book

You will need a flashlight and watch your child’s face light up in amazement when they shine the light through the pages and something new appears!

We got some of these last year and they are incredible!

What If I Know My Feelings?

This book has been such a blessing in our toddler’s lives. It has helped them learning about emotions and feelings in a fun way to the point where they will openly talk about each emotion as they go through the day, as a two year old!

what if I know my feelings

If you can only get one book, I highly suggest this one.

Yoga Books

They are getting more and more yoga books and I am so happy!! These have helped us practice yoga each morning together.

yoga animals at the seashore book

We tried the YouTube videos, but our toddlers prefer these yoga books more than anything else. They are so fun and engaging and will help your toddlers get all the benefits of yoga.

Laundry Sort and Play

Okay, I had to include another one: Laundry Sort and Play. It has felt pages and pieces that will keep your toddler’s little hands engaged and practice fine motor skills at the same time!

laundry sort and play book

PaperPie recently just came out with another type of these books called, Grocery Day Sort and Play that we are getting in the mail any day now!


I am all for helping toddlers practice mindfulness, so I had to include Calmness too.

calmness book

This books is the perfect size for toddlers and teaches them how to be mindful in such an easy and light manner. My toddler loves reading this during quiet time too!


We love reading Different! during our nighttime routine. It goes through a flamingo’s story about how she feels too different and lonely. Each part of her body she says is too different from others and then all the other animals show her that she is not weird at all.

different book

It is so sweet and perfect for helping your toddlers learn how to treat everyone the same.

Nibbles the Book Monster

You cannot get an Usborne Book for toddlers without getting Nibbles! It is a classic and on the best sellers list all the time, to the point that PaperPie made so many more Nibbles book.

nibbles book

It is so fun to read and will have your toddler laughing!

These are just a few examples of the diverse and captivating books Usborne offers for toddlers. Each book is carefully designed to spark their imagination, enhance their cognitive development, and instill a love for reading.

We love all the books, especially the Kane Miller books PaperPie offers. There are too many to name!!

Best Usborne Books for Toddlers FAQs

Are Usborne books suitable for toddlers?

Absolutely! Usborne books are known for their toddler-friendly content, engaging illustrations, and interactive features that cater to their developmental needs.

Can Usborne books help develop language skills in toddlers?

Yes, Usborne books are designed to enhance language skills in toddlers. Through captivating stories and engaging illustrations, they introduce new vocabulary, promote language development, and encourage early communication.

Are Usborne books durable enough for toddlers?

Usborne books (PaperPie) are known for their durability. They are made with sturdy materials such as board books and thick pages, ensuring they can withstand the active hands of curious toddlers.

Best Usborne Books for Toddlers Wrap-Up

Hopefully you loved these book recommendations for some of the best Usborne Books for toddlers! They make for wonderful gifts your little learners and readers will love.

From the colorful images to textured patches these are some of our favorite titles we have in our home!

You can always host a party to earn free books too! That is what we did with our oldest daughter and then joined the company to get discounts on all the baby books since we love them so much!

Introducing toddlers to the world of books is a gift that will last a lifetime. PaperPie, with their captivating stories, interactive features, and engaging illustrations, offer an exceptional range of options for toddlers.

From stimulating their senses with touchy-feely textures to sparking their curiosity with lift-the-flap adventures, Usborne Books ignite the love for reading in young minds.

Grab some of these books and witness the joy on your toddler’s face as they discover the wonders of reading. Happy reading!