Raising Toddlers Can Be Hard!

But, when you focus on teaching emotions and practicing self-care, things become a lot easier. Let’s get you back to your calm self to help you raise happy, resilient kids.

Aloha, I’m Kate, Founder of The Mindful Toddler.

I was raising two toddlers under three years old and I was burnt out. I was trying my best to raise mindful children, but it wasn’t working how I wanted it to. It was hard finding resources that were focused on the toddler age, so I decided to make my own, and that is how The Mindful Toddler was born.

When you start teaching emotions, self-care, and mindfulness right from the beginning, it creates the perfect foundation for the rest of their life.

So, if you are struggling, these resources will help you to focus on the most important things to teach your toddlers and how to effectively take care of yourself, so you can get out of the burnout stage and back to enjoying this fun stage of their lives.

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