17 Creative Rainbow Crafts for Toddlers

Check out these super simple rainbow crafts for toddlers at home or school to enjoy! Your little one will love enjoying these rainbow arts and crafts.

Spring is just around the corner and the warmer weather will be arriving soon, that means it’s time to start thinking about some fun crafts for the kids to make.

During this time of the year, rainbow crafts are the perfect theme.

With Spring comes rain, sunshine, and if you’re lucky, sometimes you’ll be able to catch a glimpse of a rainbow. Rainbow crafts are also a great way to teach kids more about counting, colors, the weather, and shapes.

As they work with materials you can incorporate those subjects into their crafts, and they’ll be learning as they create.

So, here are some of the easy rainbow crafts for kids your little one can enjoy!

Easy Rainbow Crafts for Toddlers

These rainbow activities for toddlers are easy to do and offer some fun Spring crafts to incorporate during this time of the year.

But, you can also enjoy a rainbow craft activity all year round, since you can see rainbows any time it rains.

Use any of these DIY rainbow crafts for toddlers to learn about the colors or to pair with your homeschool lessons. We’ve had a lot of fun trying them out, so I hope you do too!

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Cut and Paste Rainbow Craft

Toddler holding up her easy rainbow craft

My toddlers loved creating this rainbow paper craft! It helps them develop fine motor skills as they cut and paste each rainbow square.  

Lego Rainbow Craft

lego rainbow

Use the Legos you have around the house to make a fun and easy rainbow craft for kids. It’s a rainbow craft that’s great for all ages and they’ll love using their hands to create a colorful rainbow.

You might have to help your younger toddlers form the rainbow, but you can also let them create it however they do.

Construction Paper Shapes Rainbow

shapes rainbow craft

Using different colors and shapes cut out from construction paper, the kids can put together their own personal rainbow. Not only is this fun craft, but it’s a great opportunity to get some learning there too.

This is very similar to the one above, it just uses different shapes to teach about the rainbow!

Large Wall Confetti Rainbow

pom pom rainbow craft

Confetti pieces are turned into a large wall mural with this craft. Kids can use it to decorate their room and they’ll love using their hands to make something creative and fun.

Rainbow Butterflies 

rainbow butterfly craft

Adorable and fun to create, these rainbow butterflies will be the perfect craft for spring. Kids will love using the different colors to create their own unique butterflies.

You can follow the colors of the rainbow or let them do it however they please.

Paper Strip Rainbows

paper strip rainbow craft

Colorful paper strips are used to make these rainbows. You can cut out a fun shaped cloud to complete the rainbow design. 

Your toddlers will need a little help with stapling the papers together, but other than that, it is so simple to make!

Rainbow Mobile Craft

rainbow mobile craft

Use the free template provided to have the kids make this adorable rainbow mobile. They can hang it on their wall or add some color to the fridge to show off their work.

We loved making these and the template made it so easy for my toddlers to do on their own.

Adorable Rainbow Mask

rainbow mask craft

All you need to make this rainbow craft is some construction paper, pom poms, cotton balls, and glue. Kids will love creating this rainbow craft and running around the house with their new rainbow mask.

Popsicle Stick Rainbow Art

popsicle stick rainbow craft

Let the kids create their own rainbow out of popsicle sticks and paint, then have them turn it into a piece of art! They’ll have a blast creating it and will showing off their creation as it will be different for each child.

3D Construction Paper Rainbow 

3d rainbow art activity

Using construction paper and cotton balls, kids can create a cute 3D rainbow piece of artwork. They can draw birds or other items in the sky to complete their project.

Rainbow Blowers

rainbow blower

These rainbow blowers are made from a cardboard tube and some tissue paper. There’s also a template included so that you can easily put it together.

These are great for teaching self-regulation skills and would even work as a calming activity for toddlers too!

Fruit Cereal Rainbow Necklace

rainbow necklace

Use fruity cereal that’s colored in red, yellow, orange, green, blue, and purple to create an edible rainbow necklace. Each end of the necklace has a marshmallow to help keep the cereal in place and allow kids to wear the necklace.

Your toddlers will love to make and eat this rainbow activity!

Rainbow Jellyfish

rainbow jellyfish craft

Turn a cardboard tube and some pipe cleaners into colorful jellyfish with his rainbow craft for kids. After they’ve made the jellyfish, they can hang it from the ceiling in their rooms or on the porch. 

This is one of the fun pipe cleaner activities for kids too!

Sun and Rainbow Paper Plate Craft

paper plate sun and rainbow craft

Kids will love creating this fun sun and rainbow craft with a paper plate, construction paper, glue, and glitter.

What toddler doesn’t love using glitter?

Pom Pom Painted Rainbow

pom pom rainbow craft

A fun rainbow art project that will have them using pom poms to create the painted rainbow. Then, tissue paper is used to create the cloud below the rainbow.

Rainbow Suncatcher

rainbow suncatcher

A fun craft for a sunny day, this rainbow suncatcher will be a cute craft for the toddlers to make. You’ll make the suncatcher with cardboard, cellophane, and glue.

Rainbow Weaving Art

rainbow weaving craft

Let the kids learn how to weave with this fun rainbow weaving art craft. A paper plate is used for the background and kids can then weave pipe cleaners to create the rainbow.

This will be super calming for your toddlers, but younger ones might get a bit frustrated and will need more help.

Rainbow Art for Toddlers Wrap-Up

Aren’t these rainbow projects for toddlers so much fun? Enjoy them during the spring time or just for fun when you want to have some colorful crafts to do with your kids.

These rainbow crafts for toddlers are so easy and simple, you can easily do them for a couple of minutes during the day.

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